Responsive Websites, Databases, and Ecommerce/M-commerce

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Acording to this article (dated 24th June 2013), mobile devices have become so popular that sales of PCs and even laptops are declining significantly. It is becoming more and more important that a website displays as flawlessly on smartphones and tablets as it does on a laptop or desktop. Our websites use responsive layouts, to ensure they look good no matter what the screen.
Static websites make great ‘brochure’ sites, when all that is needed is an online presence with information about your business and products or services, and how to get in touch. Whilst we would advise having an ecommerce site from day one if your business handles many different products, it is often better for a business with a small number of products or services to start small and simple so as to keep costs to a minimum. Then, as your business outgrows your website, definitely consider reinvesting some profits back into your website by either adding self-management ability, or even reinventing the site as a large scale ecommerce website. We are more than happy to advise the best solution for you, you only need get in touch and let us know your needs.
Database-driven websites come into their own when you need a little more ‘oomph’ in functionality—and if you already have a static site you’ll known when that time has come, and get in touch to take your website to the next level. Common uses include adding self-managing capability to a website, tracking inventory, and handling ecommerce and m-commerce.
Ecommerce is quite established now, but with more and more people using mobile devices to purchase online (eg this article), mobile commerce (m-commerce) is fast becoming a necessary addition to any online business. Ecommerce sites become m-commerce ones with the use of responsive layouts, which ensures they look good—and work—on all devices.
As we specialise in ecommerce and database websites and web hosting, we need to rely on our system as much as you need to! We run an incredibly secure and reliable network built for power and speed, and maintained 24/7 by proficient Australian system administrators. Our sites never go down as we have access to six concurrent multiple uplink providers. Two of the six providers are used at any one time. Should one go down, our system switches to another immediately—there are another four to choose from after all!